*Video: Joel Meyerowitz


The highly influential American photographer Joel Meyerowitz has produced Taking My Time, a retrospective monograph giving an unprecedented insight into his mind and work. Meyerowitz, 74, is a street photographer who began photographing in color in 1962. He was an early advocate of using color photography at a time when it wasn’t regarded as serious

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Jasmine Deporta: A Safari of Sofas


Jasmine Deporta´s new series Sofasafari is a brilliant play on editorial styling, juxtaposing models with couches in a camoflaging of color and texture.  Commissioned for Some Magazine, the project is one of Deporta´s latest creative endeavors, and an excellent example of Deporta´s non-traditional work. Based in Bolzano, Italy, Deporta has been featured in various galleries throughout Europe,

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Catherine Leutenegger: Kodak City


Located about 335 miles north of New York City, the city of Rochester was known as the center of the photographic film industry and the headquarters of the giant Kodak company.  Deindustrialization and technological innovation has led to the fading of power for this empire.  Swiss photographer Catherine Leutenegger´s series, Kodak City, documents the changes within this

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Paul Octavious and The Book Collection


Paul Octavious´The Book Collection is a wonderfully composed series that plays with color and form, utilizing books as chromatic building blocks with visually awesome results. Octavious is a photographer and designer based in Chicago and has had his work featured in various publications such as The New Yorker and The Paris Review.       via Paul

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R.I.P. Pearl Paint

Captura de pantalla 2014-05-01 a la(s) 22.43.00

Pearl Paint, New York City´s iconic art supply mecca is closing after 80 years in business, and we will miss getting lost while browsing its corners and aisles stuffed with all sorts of crafty goodies.  The five floor maze of all an artist may need has been a destination for artists, designers and students, and its

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*Video – R.I.P. Leee Black Childers

Lee Black Childers

  Legendary photographer Leee Black Childers, known as ¨the most original of punks¨,  passed away this week in Los Angeles. In the early ´70s, Childers was among the first to document the glam rock and emerging punk rock scenes in New York City. Childers published his book Drag Queens, Rent Boys, Pick Pockets, Junkies, Rockstars &

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David Lynch´s Factories


Currently on display at London´s The Photography´s Gallery, David Lynch´s series of black and white photographs of abandoned industrial buildings feature a layered composition that invokes the textures and looming shadows found in Lynch´s cinematic work. In a recent interview with Dazed, Lynch discusses his longtime attraction to the shapes and silhouettes within these industrial spaces see here.

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*Interview: Armando Rodriguez


Hawaiian born Armando Gabriel Rodriguez´s photography  provides us with what feels like an intimate glimpse into his world. Working with both digital and analog, with analog holding his main interest, Rodriguez´s visual portraits of the people and scenes populating this world express a compelling realism and feature awesome textured compositions. His cameras of choice include a

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Amanda Jasnowski is @hokaytokay


Pamplona born and Ohio raised, Amanda Jasnowski is now based in Brooklyn and documents her days as hokaytokay on Instragram.  As hokatokay, Jasnowski has over 40,000 followers who often praise her ability to capture a striking interplay of light, color and texture. Jasnowski has participated in group shows and shot campaigns and catalogues for numerous

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Textured Cities – Rog Walker

Image by Rog Walker

Artistic director and photographer, Rog Walker has been creating a visual documentary that as he describes on his tumblr, is ¨chronicling the unique people, places and things that populate cities across the globe¨.  Based in New York City, Walker´s work often features beautiful and striking street portraits, which capture intimate moments within the  urban landscape.  Bee Walker is

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Washed Out Process


Introducing our new collection Washed Out.  Here´s a video and some photos that provide a glimpse into our hand dying process.  It was awesome to work with the fabric so intimately and watch the color take hold of the canvas.       Check out our Lookbook and Shop.

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*Interview: Jennifer Bruget


  Rich color and dreamy compositions often feature in Jennifer Bruget´s surreal hyper feminine self-portraits. Based in Belfort, France, Bruget describes herself as a director, photographer, make–up artist, stylist and model, and works with a DSLR. Winner of several national and international awards, Bruget´s photographs have been widely exhibited and published. Here are some samples

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78 – 87 London Youth by Derek Ridgers


Released tomorrow, 78-87 London Youth is a collection of seminal photographs by acclaimed photographer and cultural documentarian Derek Ridgers. Taken in London from 1978 to 1987 Derek’s photographs capture our capital city in a time of change and reinvention, and features faces that have gone on to become household names alongside those that have not yet found their

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