Akos Major’s Landscapes


Based in Budapest and Vienna, the photographer Akos Major currently works with a Wista 45SP, a beautiful field camera, the medium formats Mamiya7 and the Silvestri Bicam.  Born in Gyönygyös, Hungary, Akos has created a series entitled Waters that is striking in its dusky hues and calming beauty. Beyond the visualization of the truly lovely

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Exhibition: Waldeinsamkeit


The forest is one of the most powerful artistic and philosophical figures of all time. A place full of mysticism and legends that became the symbol of Romanticism and a strong figure to develope philosophical methodologies. But what makes the forest such a magnetic and inspiring place? Even though we “come from the forest” we

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Interview: Matthew Brooks


  I like to consider myself working more along the lines of a visual sociologist, especially as my practice becomes more social, and this stems from a desire to understand and deconstruct the society, people, and organizational structures around me. Currently based in Montreal, the Canadian photographer Matthew Brooks recently began his journey capturing visual

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Series: Ou Menya by Bieke Depoorter


In 2009, Bieke Depoorter travelled through Russia, photographing people in whose homes she had spent a single night for her series Ou Menya, which won several prizes, including the Magnum Expression Award, and led to a book, published in 2011. For three periods of one month, I have let the Trans-Siberian train guide me alongside forgotten villages,

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Pop Up Shop from Lonewolf Goods


Pop Up Shop from Lonewolf GoodsIntroducing our Pop Up Shop, a new section on our site that serves as a platform for new design brands and products. Our Pop Up Shop provides a space for these brands to gain more international outreach. We’ll be curating products and brands from all over the world that produce

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Book: My Rules by Glen E Friedman

my rules

Glen E Friedman has made a career out of being at the right place at the right time. Over the past four decades, and particularly from the mid-70s to the early 90s, the American photographer has proven himself adept at capturing cultural phenomena in their formative moments. For evidence, see the opening pages of his

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Video: Made You Look Trailer

Captura de pantalla 2014-12-01 a la(s) 12.38.51

Made You Look is a documentary about the UK DIY graphic arts scene of the 21st century. Via candid interviews with top British creatives, publishers and agency owners we explore the fact that more people than ever seem to be turning to analogue means of creating things, even though we are living at the height

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Series: Sit Silently / katrina kepule

katrina kepule 20

Katrina Kepule is a photographer based in Latvia. The series “Sit silently” explores areas in time and space, where its author tries to take a rest from the necessity to leave an impression, “to be an image or object” herself. “Sit Silently” portrays the signs of time in rites of subcultures surrounding the capital of

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*Photographer: Jason Tannen


Jason Tannen is a photographer, gallery curator, and photography and film educator. Since 1978, his photography has explored the urban landscape, integrating photography with video, installation, and time-based digital media. Tannen has exhibited his photographs and video projects widely, in the United States and internationally. My photographs feature characteristically noir settings, with stark light, dramatic

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Aras Gökten / Ostwest


Aras Gökten, a photographer based in Berlin, traveled east through Azerbaijan, Georgia and Istanbul, capturing images as he roamed. The resulting series entitled Ostwest is a captivating collection of photos shot on his travels that lead us in many directions with no compass necessary. Two years ago I took off for a month and went to Aserbaidschan.

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Mike Brodie – The Polaroid Kidd


From 2004 to 2008 Mike Brodie roamed the U.S. photographing his travels and creating a body of work that is considered to be truly influential in the history of U.S. travel photography.  Brodie is not entirely comfortable speaking about his work as an artist, but prefers instead to share his stories of travels with train-hoppers.

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